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Estate planning is the process of arranging for the transfer of an individualís capital and wealth during a person's life. Wealth Management Vancouver advisors will help you remove uncertainties by managing your wealth and maximize the value of the estate by giving you advice on reducing expenses and taxes.

At Wealth Management Vancouver we believe in passing down more than just capital assets. Our trusted advisors provide long-term strategic planning, education and proprietary advice that is generally only available to larger institutional investors. They will work on your behalf, maximizing your investments and tax efficiency. This ensures the legacy of your hard work can be shared with future generations to come.



Over time, taxes and inflation can erode your capital wealth. In addition, needless capital withdrawals can also weaken what is inherited by future generations.

Wealth Management Vancouver can help you preserve your wealth regardless of whether you have built or inherited a substantial amount of wealth. Our team of trusted advisors will structure your portfolio with the right mix of conservative investments that can counter the impact of taxes and inflation.

Our goal is to educate and support our clients on how to protect and grow their current wealth standing. We allow them to make informed strategic choices that are aligned with other family goals.

Let our team help you make the right decisions now for your current family legacy and future generations to come. Call us today to set up a free in-home consultation.


Estate Planning

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