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Wealth Management Vancouver’s trusted advisors operate under a core set of investment principles that have assisted in keeping our clients happy and safely ahead of the market.


PRINCIPLE #1 – Our Clients Are Always In Control

Wealth Management Vancouver’s wealth advisors will not accept a client's assets directly. All funds are deposited directly and payable to a custodian in the name of the investing client. All of our advisors will offer maximum investment transparency and will involve client input on all portfolio changes.

PRINCIPLE #2 – Investor Interests Always Come First

As a client you will always be the boss. The advisor works for you and you will be in control of all of your assets. We will always act to protect your portfolio's best interests. Our wealth managers limit the number of households they work with. You can trust that, regardless of the size of your account, each portfolio is treated with the same opportunities and care.

PRINCIPLE #3 – Full Fee and Investment Transparency

Advisors offer full transparency of all fees and expenses upfront. They will also ensure transparency of your portfolio investments and the liquidity period of each investment. They will only use investment strategies that can be easily explained and understood.

PRINCIPLE #4 – Portfolio Diversification, Avoid Risk

At Wealth Management Vancouver we highly recommend portfolio diversity. This includes diversification of asset classes, currencies and geopolitical risks where appropriate. Under no circumstances should our clients put all of their investments in one sector.

Our investment advisors have an array of products to balance the assortment of your investments. This will help you reduce portfolio risk and fluctuations.

PRINCIPLE #5 – Sound Portfolio Investment Philosophy

In today's turbulent world it is not uncommon to experience significant market volatility. Investor greed can move stock values to record highs while fearful reactions can drive values to unnecessary lows. In both situations you can consistently expect values to change course, eventually reverting to long-term averages.

At Wealth Management Vancouver our astute advisors carefully monitor market conditions. During unusually turbulent market conditions, wealth preservation will be the core investment philosophy governing a client’s investment portfolio strategy.

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