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Taking the next step to financial health can be overwhelming. At Wealth Management Vancouver we feel it is important that we break down each step of our process so that our clients can know what is to be expected in dealing with one of our referred wealth advisors. Below is a diagram outlining the six main steps we do in servicing each client.


Six Step Process

Stage 1 – This stage involves a meeting with you and one of our wealth managers to create a 'Terms of Engagement' contract. This standard document/procedure will clearly detail the working relationship between you, the client, and our wealth management advisor. Upon mutual agreement, both parties will sign this document so that the working relationship can start.

Stage 2 – During this stage, the client’s basic financial data will be collected from the assigned wealth manager and he/she will review and do an analysis based on the details of these documents.

Stage 3
– This stage involves a thorough review by your assigned wealth manager clearly outlining the goals and priorities of the client and his/her family. Once these are collected, strategies will be developed based on these goals.

Stage 4 – During Stage 4 your assigned wealth manager will develop a 5-, 10- and 20-year strategy based on the information collected from Stages 2 and 3 above. This strategy will follow our core principle guidelines and is subject to review.

Stage 5 – Involves implementing the plan. During this stage the client will be given transparency to track the results of the wealth management plan outlined. Your assigned wealth manager has veteran experience and will oversee the day-to-day activities of your portfolio. In addition he/she will be openly available for client requests at all times by phone or email and can make changes accordingly.

Stage 6 – This step is very important and is often missed by other wealth management services. Every three months the wealth management plan for each client is reviewed according to results and any lifestyle changes. Each review can be a face-to-face meeting if requested by the client.


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