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Retirement planning, for people of wealth, is a common topic of concern for people living in the United States. Our southern neighbours, however, aren't the only nation where people aren't sure whether they can maintain their lifestyles and wealth through their golden years.

Here in Vancouver British Columbia there are also significant retirement concerns due to the high cost of living in the Lower Mainland. Many imagine retiring with enough wealth and supplemental income to live a worry free life for the rest of their days. Naturally life can complicate those dreams if proper wealth management and a detailed retirement plan are not implemented well before your retirement date approaches.



Retirement planning and wealth management go hand in hand. For this reason many wealthy Canadians are advised to consult with a wealth management specialist as early as possible to develop a detailed plan that is customized to their individual situation.

Coupled with government-sanctioned incentives, such as income-tax sheltered accounts and income tax deductions for retirement contributions, the aforementioned wealth management plans make up the bulk of what many Canadians consider retirement planning.


A major focus of retirement planning involves finding ways to maximize your wealth and after-tax retirement income.

Due to inflation and the high cost of living, most people cannot rely solely on government pensions for retirement income and do depend on their wealth producing another income source to supplement future living costs.

Retirement Planning

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Retirement planning and wealth management for Canadians may seem complicated, but various resources exist to help make the process far more simple. Visit the following links to learn more about retirement planning in Canada:

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