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Wealth Management Vancouver's trusted advisors work under a fee-based payment system with respect to investment products. Under this structure the advisorís compensation is based on a set, agreed-upon percentage of the clientís assets instead of on commissions. This allows the advisor to operate independently from influences offered by third-party investment commissions resulting in truly independent guidance and advice.

Each of our clients can have the peace of mind knowing that our wealth managers will work solely for their best interests under such a structure.



At Wealth Management Vancouver our advisors work exclusively for you and no one else. You will always be in control of your assets and your assets will always be in your name. Our wealth managers will advise on wealth protection and growth opportunities that arise, always protecting your portfolio's best interest.


Our wealth management advisors limit the number of households they serve. This allows each of our recommended advisors the ability to put greater care, time and energy into each individual portfolio.

More opportunities to meet face to face, quicker responses to client requests, more focus on day-to-day investment opportunities. It all adds up to a big difference in your overall wealth health.

When you are interested in getting started, call (604) 670-7817 to schedule a free in-home or office appointment.

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